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Shred-AD Plans

RedwoodWhat do you do when your plans to perform Shrek the Musical fall apart?

Why you go back to the drawing board- or the listening board as is the case of Redwood Area Theatre.

In this article from Redwood Falls Gazette by Joshua Dixon we discover:

Lorna Lueck-Plaetz, current RAT president, said, “We all figured, ‘Well, we won’t be doing a show this summer.’ Then board member Kurtis Parlin pointed out the Marshall theatre group has done some radio shows during the winter months.”

Two out of the three shows were taken from Old Time Radio:

• The Man Who Thought of Everything, about a couple planning to elope, with every possible contingency taken into account.

• The Wills, which originally starred Lucille Ball, is the story of a woman whose husband urges her to go to a lawyer to get a will, then goes to the store to buy rope, poison, etc. etc.

• A Retrieval Reformation, based on a short story by O. Henry, tells the story of a safe-cracker who’s wanted by the law — and the surprising way he is exposed.

Auditions were held June 11th, and now its all about getting the actors in costume and bringing he forties back to live on stage and in imagination. Go Redwood!

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