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Each week Jack Ward and David Ault are pleased to showcase the very best Modern Audio Theatre (Radio Drama) from around the world. From the days of Old Time Radio in the early 20th century until the modern age of broadcasts, podcasts, and streaming simulcasts, audio plays are movies for the mind!

December 2017
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By Crom 5: Monster Hunting

Posted By on August 3, 2017

Tonight on the Bill Hollweg Retrospect we present Jake Sampson- Monster Hunter and “The Gods of War” with a special interview with Mark (Mak) Kalita. Sit back and relax to three hours of pulp pounding action from Bill and the rest of the Broken Sea Audio Productions gang!


Shepard Tones

Posted By on August 3, 2017

Just watched Dunkirk with my colleague and I was interested in how this tension was developed through the ticking clock. According to nofilmschool this is all about a Shepard Tone.

Do you use Shepard Tones in your audio drama? Maybe it’s time to start ratcheting up the tension!



Playhouse S0805: Flash Savior of the Universe!

Posted By on August 1, 2017

Tonight the incredible Rich Frohlich and Texas Radio Theatre returns with Alex Raymond’s incredible “Flash Gordon!”

Old School Broadcast

Posted By on August 1, 2017

While not exactly electronic or even electric, the Mystery of Greek Amphitheater’s Amazing Sound Finally Solved according to live science. Every good audiomaturge (yes, it’s now a word) understands the importance of making the best opportunity of your sound waves. The Greeks weren’t just experts in warfare, but also sonic tactics through the use of “audio traps”. The corrugations of the seats are part of the key. We always knew that we have created our audio works on the backs of giants, it’s not often that we’re reminded that they were some of the greatest myth makers too!

By Crom 4: The Grog & Gryphon

Posted By on July 27, 2017

Tonight broadswords and battle axes are mandatory as our Amigos introduce Bill’s action-packed sword and sorcery series The Grog and Gryphon. Make sure you get to the tavern and download the rest of this ten episode unfinished epic!


Playhouse S0804: Meridian 7-1212

Posted By on July 25, 2017

Tonight in a special feature, Pete Lutz and the Narada Radio Company return to grace the Playhouse Theatre stage with a super presentation of the classic drama with Meridian 7-1212!


Sharpen Your Pens, Shake the Dust out of your Microphones

Posted By on July 22, 2017

Wired recently wrote an article entitled: Where is Hollywood Looking for its Next Hit? Podcasts.

From the article:

Like books, podcasts prove that a story works, that listeners like it and will keep coming back to follow it. More importantly, podcasts can prove an idea’s viability at a fraction of the cost of producing a TV pilot. “It’s essentially a prototype of a produced franchise,” says Chris Giliberti, the head of multi-platform efforts at podcast company Gimlet Media. “In Silicon Valley terms, this is an MVP.” And in the past year, TV producers have started to recognize podcasts’ value. Amazon announced last fall that Gale Anne Hurd, who helped transform The Walking Dead from a beloved comics series into a beloved TV series, would be adapting the horror show Lore for the streaming service. ABC is already working on Zach Braff’s Alex, Inc., an adaptation of tech industry podcast StartUp. And now, Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail is adapting Gimlet’s Homecoming for Amazon, starring Julia Roberts.

For a long time now we’ve been arguing that a good audio drama is a great idea to sell to Hollywood. It’s a fraction of the cost with the entire story in tact. Nice to see that others are getting the same idea.

Slate Magazine and the Third Wave of Modern Audio Drama

Posted By on July 21, 2017

Slate Magazine recently wrote an article The Renaissance of the Humble Radio Drama in which they described this strange medium that everyone thought dead long ago is still alive… and thriving?

The author Angelica Cabral writes “Radio dramas may seem like a thing of the past, but they’re still a great way to tell stories.”

We’re almost through two decades and three waves into the modern audio drama wave. How many times have we seen the same article published? Still, any news is good news, and after sending up fireworks in the air for so many years, perhaps the great train of the Internet media is finally starting to notice the display.

Have a look see at which shows are mentioned and see if you agree with their assessment.


By Crom 3- Sanctuary!

Posted By on July 20, 2017

Tonight the Amigos present one of Broken Sea Audio’s earliest series “Logan’s Run” adapted by Paul Mannering, and post produced by Paul Mannering, David Sobkowiak and Bill Hollweg.


Edict Zero Gets Some Ink!

Posted By on July 19, 2017

Say Edict Zero in the Audio Drama Production Podcast and everyone drinks. This perennial favourite of the audio drama community is becoming more popular outside of the community as well. And it’s good news. Unlike so many of the other darlings that have more in common with youtube confessionals than traditional audio drama, Edict Zero relies on strong characters and developed plots. Recently in Working the Galaxy a detailed interview with Jack Kincaid, Russell Gold, and James Keller shed light on this modern audio drama classic.