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March 2017
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A Grand Actor- Chris Wiggins

Posted By on February 25, 2017

As a young lad just developing my love for Audio Drama, one of the fun CBC shows I listened to was Johnny Chase- Secret Agent of Space. It ran weekly for a time on Saturdays. Johnny fought all kinds of evils and even set a kind of Battlestar Galactica like fleet quest to look for a new Earth for humankind to settle on. But no hero is complete unto themselves and Johnny had Dante- his insufferably brilliant computer voiced by the incredible Chris Wiggins. Chris had the kind of singular voice most actors dream of. While voice acting was certainly a skill, it wasn’t his only. He also played the father in the Canadian series of Swiss Family Robinson in the seventies. Furthermore you might remember him in his later years in the Canadian X-files like series Friday the 13th.

Since Mr. Wiggins had settled in my old hometown of Fergus in his retirement, I tried through many channels and his personal email to arrange an interview for the Sonic Society to no avail. Apparently, his health has not been the best in the last ten years.

According to a recent post from Bloody Disgusting Mr. Wiggins passed yesterday at the age of 87. What a huge loss to Canada, and to drama. According to the article:

Of course, we’re barely scratching the surface of Chris Wiggins’ contributions to the entertainment industry by focusing on “Friday the 13th: The Series.” He has over 142 acting credits on his resume, appearing in countless television shows and TV movies dating back to 1956. Just a small handful of the shows Wiggins starred in and lent his voice to include “Mighty Thor,” “Spider-Man,” “Swiss Family Robinson,” “Star Wars: Droids,” “The Care Bears Family,” “The NeverEnding Story,” and even the animated series “Tales from the Cryptkeeper.”

Rest in Peace good sir, we barely knew you.


Power of the Podcast

Posted By on February 22, 2017

From copyblogger we get the incredible story of the growth of podcast.

If you asked us 13 years ago whether we believed this would happen, we would have told you absolutely. If you asked us seven years ago, we would have said “unfortunately not”. New Media takes a while to get going but when it does, it does!

Episode 505- First Audio

Posted By on February 21, 2017

Tonight with David Ault performing Live for the No Sleep Podcast, Jack flies solo and introduces the show that- began it all- “Breathing Space” audio produced by Umberto Lenzi. Check out the alternate version produced by Peter O’Malley at!

Extras: Phone call from Matt Leong and promo from Audioblivious Productions.


Episode 504- Sage Hearts

Posted By on February 14, 2017

This Valentine’s Day, why not take some time and listen to some great non-romance Audio Drama? Tonight David helps out while poor Jack is hopeless writing away at NADSWRIM while we listen to another great double feature with the Steam Punk series Sage and Savant– Episode 8, and the classic Edgar Allan Poe short adapted for audio by Scott Mosher, The Tell-Tale Heart!


The No Sleep Podcast Tour

Posted By on February 8, 2017

If you had an ear to the recent Sonic Society episode, our David was getting ready for his trip to North America and his new tour with the No Sleep Podcast team to head from city to city across the great United States to spread the power of live audio theatre. Along with the haunting music of Brandon Boone, go see David Cummings, Jessica McEvoy, Peter Lewis, Nicole Goodnight, and David Ault beginning the eighteenth of February all the way to the 12th of March from Houston to Seattle, Boston to Los Angeles and points between Time for No Sleep!



Episode 503- Pirate Audio

Posted By on February 7, 2017

Audioblivisious Productions and Koach Studios bring a double feature of “A Dread Light Shines in the Serpent Sky” and “Kill the Boy” written by Scott Phillips!


Jim French Productions Off The Air

Posted By on February 3, 2017

One of the great heartaches of growing older is seeing the end of things.

All things begin and all things must one day end, but it’s very bittersweet when its one of the great pillars of the Audio Drama community and that’s exactly what Jim French Productions is. For over two decades now, JFP has been making incredibly polished professional, stellar radio dramas and they are closing their doors at the end of March.

This February Newsletter has all the information:

Hello Jim French Productions fans.

In last month’s newsletter we told you that Jim had been hospitalized, had surgery and was on the mend. He is back home now, recovering and feeling better.

A few of you may know that Monday night we had our usual January live performance (a double length Sherlock and single length Harry Nile) at the Kirkland Performance Center. It was a sold out crowd and everyone had a good time, although a bittersweet time.

Monday night was our last live performance at Kirkland and it was also the scene for our announcement that, after almost 21 years producing Harry Nile, Sherlock Holmes, Kincaid and other series and single stories, Jim French Productions’ Imagination Theatre will be retiring from production and closing its doors at the end of March.

We’ll be broadcasting new shows up until the end of February and the website will stay open for sales until mid-March.

There are many “ends” that have to be tied up before we close so the office will remain open until the very last day, Friday, March 31, unless something changes.

If you wish to get our online catalog simply email us at [email protected] and put the word “catalog” in the subject line and we’ll email one off to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support through these 21 years.

The Crew at Jim French Productions, Inc. Imagination Theatre

Here at the Sonic Society and the entire larger radio drama community wish Jim and everyone at Jim French Productions a healthy and happy future. Thanks for so many wonderful memories and stories!

NADSWRIM 2017: You’ve got this. We can’t wait!

Posted By on February 1, 2017

Episode 502- Halls of Joy

Posted By on January 31, 2017

Jack and David complete our Christmas cheer this season with part two of Ashley Quach and Paula Deming’s “Deck the Halls with Matrimony!” from Sassquach Audio!

Bonus: Quido makes some important phone calls (with John Bell from Bell’s in the Batfry!)


Episode 501- Sonic Decks

Posted By on January 24, 2017

As we begin the next 500, Jack and David continue the season cheer with Ashley Quach and Paula Deming from Sassquach Audio  and “Deck the Halls with Matrimony!” part one!