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Look Who’s Fanboy Ear Candy!

Shooter from Furious Fanboys wrote a great article on his picks for Top 5 Bits of SciFi Earcandy and guess who got two nods of the five?

Before we let the cat out of the bag lets take a moment and give a nod to the other three mentioned:

1. National Public Radio Star Wars Series– Who can deny one of the greatest audio drama adaptations of the classic George Lucas myth of all time.

2. Wormwood- A Serialized Mystery– This mystery series came out of nowhere just two years ago and took the audio community by storm. Not only did we have a ball playing them on the Sonic Society, but they swept the first season of Uni Awards an instant fan favourite.

3. We’re Alive- If you’re looking for one of the greatest reasons why serialized Audio Drama is one of the most powerful mediums, look no further than the exciting Zombie series “We’re Alive”. Another great find for the Sonic Socierty, this tale about survivors held up in an apartment building in LA is compelling action horror!

And now for the our connection:

Firefly Old Wounds and the Sonic Society were both mentioned as two other gems in the Earcandy list.

But don’t just take our word for it. Go read for yourself!

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