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Happy Birthday CBC! (You don’t look a day over thirty!)

I tell people if there’s one thing they should know about what fashioned my love of radio it always was the CBC.
The CBC kept this farmboy busy in the trips into town, playing constantly in the house.
I was amazed at the radio dramas.
Astounded at Lister Sinclair’s “Ideas”
and cracked up constantly by “The Frantics” and “The Vestibules” and even “The Royal Canadian Air Farce” (who were always better on radio)
So many personalities were family for me growing up, and my Uncle used to say where ever he traveled all across Canada he still was “home” when he turned on the CBC and heard Peter Gzowski’s “Morningside” played all across the Country.

Happy Birthday CBC

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Born to Teachers and Amateur Audio Enthusiasts in the small rural community of Belwood, Jack's first love was stories- writing, reading, telling, and singing. He developed his acting skills through High School, University, and through film and community theatre. Jack writes the lion's share of Electric Vicuna's Audio Drama scripts and has his own writing site at He's thrilled to co-host the Sonic Society with his wonderful, talented, friend David Ault!


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