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Third Coast Review provides a fascinating article interviewing Jeffery Gardner from Our Fair City.

“Greetings, policies.”

If you know about the HartLife Insurance Company, the mole people revolution, or urban legends of ant-people, then chances are you’ve listened to Chicago’s ongoing podcast radio drama, Our Fair City. Now in its eighth season, Our Fair City is the continuing story of the put upon and desperate citizens or policies, living in a sprawling metropolis under the iron grip of HartLife. We had the opportunity to talk to Jeffrey Gardner, Executive Producer, Director, and Actor for HartLife NFP, the group responsible for the podcast. We spoke about Our Fair City’s longevity through eight seasons, what the cast and crew has learned in the radio drama business, and what they have planned with their next project, Unwell.

Gardner himself is no slouch when it comes to the theater arts, having stage credits in at the Sideshow Theatre, New Leaf Theatre, Eclipse Theatre, Steppenwolf Garage, Collaboraction, WildClaw Theatres Deathscribe Festival, and the Chicago Fringe Festival. 

Go to the article and read more of this great show!

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