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Snobbish Sonic

| January 10, 2017

Someone said to me recently that they felt that audio drama folks weren’t as snobby as podnovel folks. That was a strange comment to make. Looking back, I do notice that Audio Drama has been seen as the ugly step-child of the podcast community somewhat. Through the years there’s even been some suggestions that audio […]

Need an Accent? Check it Here

| October 29, 2016

The indomitable Richard Summers (aka Captain Radio) posted¬†an awesome link in Facebook¬†the other day. Global Map of Accents is a huge project that has audio recordings of people from various parts of the world so that audio voice actors can get a feel for the accent of the region. This is a phenomenal tool for […]

Take the extra S out of your Sonic!

| October 7, 2016

Prosound has a great article on In the Studio: Tips for Controlling Vocal Sibilance. If you’re unaware of what “sibilance” is, very quickly it is the strong consonants that are stressed (sometimes overly so) in recordings. If you’ve ever listened to someone who let’s their S’s linger a little longer than usual, that could be […]