The Sonic Society

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Sonic Society #674- Time Sleeper

| January 31, 2021

Welcome to the Sonic Society! This week as Jack is busy with his Clark Kent job, David brings an action-packed show from Dania Ramos and Cocotazo Media¬†with the first two episodes of “Time Storm” and Shaun J. Nigro brings us “Sleepwalker” found on 8 Sparks Daily! It’s Audio Drama time!Don’t forget tomorrow begins NADSWRIM!

Sonic Society #673- Split Listening

| January 24, 2021

It’s time for more great Audio Drama! This time hosts David and Jack take a visit out to Split Valley from Caroline V. McGraw, James Hansen and Eddie Prunoske!

Sonic Society #672- Audio Fest

| January 17, 2021

It’s time for Audio Stories! And this week’s feature your hosts David and Jack bring is from Story Jazz- Winterfest, Chapter 1- The Ice Race! Story Jazz is an improvised storytelling podcast. Join your hosts Softie and Sam as they delve into fantastical worlds and try to worm their way out of narrative dead ends.

Sonic Society #671- Sound of the Heart

| January 10, 2021

It’s Audio Drama Time with Jack Ward and David Ault as they continue their wintery season with an adaptation of M.R. James “Lost Hearts” an adapted tale from Pete Lutz and produced by Tom Rory Parsons. Followed up by a special Christmas feature from Neon Nights and Will Snyder!

Sonic Society #670– Shadow Fools

| January 3, 2021

We begin the year with a mugful of David Ault along with his collaborators Mark Nixon and Elie Hirschman with Shadows at the Door and “The Signalman” and “Warning to the Curious” with the hilarious Cool Fool “Byron vs the Mega-Shark”! Tales to start a new decade by. Happy New Year everyone!

Sonic Speaks 0506: Nightfall #6: Neil Marsh

| December 27, 2020

In our final look back at 40 years of the classic Silver Age series- Nightfall from the CBC, Jack speaks to Nightfall super fan and marvelous director, writer, and actor- Neil Marsh!

Sonic Society #669- Fairy Stockings

| December 27, 2020

From our Sonic stockings this year, Jack and David open up a variety of shorts including some family-friendly tales like The Fairy-Tale Mysteries Radio Show Episode #1-Spoiled Pork from Jim Nelson and Fraser Valley Gilbert and Sullivan Society along with Owen McCuen‘s “Yo Ho Ho Santa and Blackbeard Christmas Adventure”, and finally from The Temp– […]

Sonic Echo: 410 Western Adventures: The Last Roundup

| December 20, 2020

Ride with the Amigos one last time as they take a last look at their Western season exploring what we learned from the stories from the Old West!

Project Audion Episode 13: “The Plot To Overthrow Christmas”

| December 20, 2020

Lothar Tuppan brings with the kind permission of Larry Groebe the Project Audion has lovingly recreated Norman Corwin’s charming 1938 radio fantasy using some of our best cross-country vocal talent performing live, augmented by a few visual effects. Another wonderful seasonal performance!

Sonic Society #668- Santa Galactic

| December 20, 2020

It’s just days from Christmas and right on time Halifax’s own Lion’s Den Theatre from Keith Morrison adapts their seasonal delight from the stage, the hilarious B-flick “Santa Conquers the Martians” in an extended Sonic Society feature!