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A Colonial Year in Review

happy20new20yearJerry Robbins from Colonial Radio Theatre rounds up the incredible output out of CRT in the year of 2008.

Robbins has been doing audio drama with CRT for well over a decade, that’s before the Internet and certainly before the idea of RSS and Podcasting was even an inkling in the minds of technology gurus. While folks were bemoaning the loss of audio drama from the Golden and Silver days, Mr. Robbins was hiking cassette tapes of his own productions to different companies.

There’s been an ugly rumour that those who sell their wares don’t make Audio Drama out of love. Many of us owe a thanks to those companies and individuals that kept the candle flickering before our recent renaissance.

And if there’s any question about passion in Audio Drama today, consider the list that Colonial Theatre worked on this year past… and let it inspire all of us to do more for 2009!

Barrymore- Adapted from the Broadway Stage Showing

Buck Alice and the Actor Robot

CRT Christmas Special

The Dibble Animated Project

Father Brown- Series

The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury

Jerry and the Pirates- Series

King Solomon’s Mines

Moonfleet- Series

Perry Mason- Series

Powder River- Series

The Star Angel

Ticonderoga- Series

Zorro and the Pirate Raiders

We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have Jerry open up his shows for podcast on the Sonic Socety in 2008, it’s great to see Colonial continue to make powerful and compelling audio drama!

Read all the details here in the CRT year in Review.

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