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Adapting a Classic

Long time listeners of the Sonic Society will know that I’m a fan of many writers, but specific writers have always driven me to be a better writer- Rod Serling, Robert E. Howard, J. Michael Straczynski, Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, David Milch, Chuck Dixon, Steven Moffat, Alan Dean Foster, Dash Hammett as just some that come to mind. I have to give props to The Truth podcast. Jonathan Mitchell keeps producing what I adore- anthology tales that are full audio dramas. In this article from The Sarah Awards he details the process of going through and taking a Phillip K. Dick public domain story “Upon the Dull Earth” and adapting it.

In a world of story, it’s wonderful to hear the masters speak again through new voices. There’s a reason why Ray Bradbury felt that Colonial Radio Theatre’s adaptations of his work were the BEST done in any medium. In short, Jerry Robbins has an excellent ear for audio on the page, and assembles an incredible team, but also, as Jonathan could attest, audio is the best place for story.

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Born to Teachers and Amateur Audio Enthusiasts in the small rural community of Belwood, Jack's first love was stories- writing, reading, telling, and singing. He developed his acting skills through High School, University, and through film and community theatre. Jack writes the lion's share of Electric Vicuna's Audio Drama scripts and has his own writing site at He's thrilled to co-host the Sonic Society with his wonderful, talented, friend David Ault!


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