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Sonic Society #725- Audio Dramas

| March 27, 2022

This week from the very appropriately named “The Audio Drama Show” David and Jack present two adaptations of “The Story of Tom Smart” and “The Strange Client” by Charles Dickens scripted by James Newberry.

Sonic Society #724- Sky Tales

| March 20, 2022

“Tales of the Night Sky” is a unique Audio Drama experience with spectacular soundscapes, based on the Greco-Roman myths behind the constellations. Written and directed by Bibi Jacob, these moving and sometimes humorous tales, brim with tragedy, injustice, and violence. This week Jack and David look at a trilogy of tales including “Callisto: The Constellation […]

Sonic Society #723- Really, It’s Mutual

| March 13, 2022

This week in honour of Mutual Audio Network’s crackerjack fourth season, Jack and David have a listen with American Radio Theater‘s recreation of Mutual RADIO Theater’s “Oh, Really? No, O’Reilly”, when a boomtown goes bust some local merchants hatch a scheme to preserve their prosperity.

Sonic Society #722- Tomorrow Tales

| March 3, 2022

This week Jack and David bring a run from a fun science fiction mini-series from Theatre of Tomorrow with the first three episodes of The Lost Logs of the Saratoga! Fun retro radio drama!Be sure to do your part to help the crowd funded show from Faustian Nonsense- Super Suits! Go to before March […]