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Mutual Presents: MADCON 2021- Friday 2: How to Approach Your Project

| August 29, 2021

We return to Mutual Presents with Season 2’s audio replay of MAD-CON 2021 Events. We continue with our second session “How to Approach Your Project”with host Lothar Tuppan and panellists Michael Wilhelm, Bill Arrowood, and Robert Arnold! All full videos can be found on the Mutual Audio Network Channel!

Sonic Summerstock Playhouse 12.9: Escape- The Derelict

| August 29, 2021

And finally in our season finale for Sonic Summerstock 12 we have Pete Lutz with The Narada Radio Company Presenting: “The Derelict”. An episode of the hit radio series “Escape”, originally Aired In 1953. Producer Pete chose to put a sci-fi spin on this tale of shipwrecked castaways. Other than that, it’s the same story […]

The Playhouse Gets Some Ink!

| August 23, 2021

Fan of old-time radio and clever reviewer Mark Dreisonstok has once again arrived at the Sonic Summerstock Playhouse doors! This time he sets his sights on the amazing Shh! PRoductions Vintage Radio Hour submission for the Playhouse! Read more at MD TheatreGuide and enjoy the ride at the Playhouse this summer!

Mutual Presents: MADCON 2021- Friday Opener!

| August 22, 2021

We return to Mutual Presents with Season 2 as we begin an audio replay of the MAD-CON 2021 Events. We begin with the “Welcome and Opening Discussion:” from Friday July 23rd with host Jack Ward and panellists David Ault, Lothar Tuppan, and Jeff Billard! All full videos can be found on the Mutual Audio Network […]

Sonic Summerstock Playhouse 12.8: Sherlock Holmes- Murder in the Casbah

| August 22, 2021

Returning to the Sonic Summerstock stage is Larry Groebe’s Project Audion with The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. The episode from December 3, 1945 entitled “Murder in the Casbah” has been carefully re-created by a terrific Project Audion cast which includes voice actors performing from England, Hollywood, and multiple locations inbetween!

Mutual Presents: Wednesday Wonders- Exploring Tomorrow’s Tomorrow!

| August 15, 2021

We return to Mutual Presents! This week we’re back with Wednesday Wonder’s “Exploring Tomorrow” and more classic old time radio from the Mutual Broadcasting System with another trilogy of grand sci-fi tales- “The Happiness Effect”, “The Doctor” and “The Liar”!

Sonic Summerstock Playhouse 12.7: Double Feature: The Shadow- The Bells of St. Peters and The Shadow’s Revenge

| August 15, 2021

Another fantastic creation from the Mutual Broadcasting System was “The Shadow”. And the Shadow Recreation Society on youtube has been hard at work to recreate these grand episodes! “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!” The opening lines of the “Detective Story” program captivated listeners and are instantly recognizable […]

Mutual Presents: Thursday Thrillers- The Voyage of the Scarlet Queen- 2nd Voyage

| August 8, 2021

And we’re back with Mutual Presents, sneak peaks at our daily releases on the Mutual Audio Network Youtube Channel. This week we’re back roaming the high seas with The Voyage of the Scarlet Queen and a feature-length double-feature: “The Spaniard and the Lascar Pirates” and “The Boston Geisha and Chesapeake Bay”. All aboard!

Sonic Summerstock Playhouse 12.6: Jack Benny- Jack Visits the DMV

| August 8, 2021

This week’s time in the Playhouse features the amazing Project Audion group with Larry Groebe. Tonight’s Project Audion recreation begins with a few bars from “I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy,” for the summer. This particular episode is not a recreation of an old script but rather an original one written by Bob Hope staff writer […]

MAD-CON Virtual 2021 Youtube Playlist

| August 5, 2021

With MAD-CON 2021 in our rearview mirror, we now have the entire 18 sessions from Friday, July 23rd to Sunday, July 25th up on the Mutual Audio Youtube Playlist. The time was well-spent with friends new and old. All looking forward to MADCON 2022 when we get to do this AND MORE face-to-face. Get your […]