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Transcontinental Terror 2020 #4

| October 25, 2020

The ground splits open, flames burst from the nether-Earth and The Railroad Hobo finds himself on the tracks watching the oncoming fury of the Transcontinental Terror!This week the extended circuit includes “Help Me” from John Bell, “White Zombie” from Pete Lutz, “The Red-Headed Girl” from Rachel Pulliam, and “Plague Studies” by Jack J. Ward and […]

Sonic Society #660- Last Painted Sounds

| October 25, 2020

Welcome back to the Sonic Society! This week Jack and David welcome back an old friend with DreamRealm Enterprise‘s “Paint Me Dead” from their new Showcase Series. We also have an extra short called “Last Broadcast” from Earths Suckhole!

Transcontinental Terror 2020 #3

| October 18, 2020

The Railroad Hobo sees the oncoming smoke for another terrifying run of Transcontinental Terror! The phantasmal plume brings us “Blip” by Krystal Camarco, “The Swamp” by LightningBolt Theatre of the Mind, and the end of the line with “Our Dead Boy” from Devin Morse and James Gregory. Grab your tickets please, the train is at […]

Sonic Society #659- Word to your Pirate

| October 18, 2020

This week Jack and David present Wordtastic from Steve Schneider and Pirateers from Eternal Future Productions. Both series will be heard in their entirety on the Mutual Audio Network!

Transcontinental Terror 2020 #2

| October 11, 2020

The Railroad Hobo is around for another circuit of the Transcontinental Terror! The worrisome whistle brings us William Anderson’s “Bump in the Night” followed by CNY Table Read’s rendition of “Duel” by Jack J. Ward, and ending with “What the Cat Dragged In” from Will Anderson and Pete Lutz a 63AudioProduction.In this first of their […]

Transcontinental Terror Returns!!!

| October 4, 2020

The Railroad Hobo has returned with tails to terrify from the unearthly Transcontinental Terror! This week the tracks lead to Electric Vicuna Productions with John Bell from The Batfry podcast and an adaptation of a Will Stanton short story called “Barney” followed by KCAL “Halloween Fright Night” LIVE treatment of the classic Light’s Out horror […]

Sonic Society #657- Adventuring So Bad it’s Good!

| October 4, 2020

Welcome to October in the Sonic Society! This week Jack and David bring We’re So Bad at Adventuring Ep 1 from Cosmic Canvas Studio and Redhawk Radio-Kiss of the Dragon’s Curse #3. Two great shows for your Sunday!