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A New Member of the Family

| December 31, 2015

There may have been a lot of birthing pains, but thanks to the generosity of Society Members we retire the old battle scarred Digirack 002 and we bring the Zoom R24. Among the many benefits, there’s multi-track recording capability (of course), the ability to record all by its lonesome for a live recording, and of […]

Episode 452- Epiphany Symphany

| December 29, 2015

David brings us “Epiphany” part one from Sandbox Radio Live as our final episode of 2015. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!  

Keep Calm

| December 24, 2015

As we get closer to the end of the year, reflections on the past, anxiety in the present, and dire predictions for the future provide all kinds of fear in the season. No matter what you do, our guarantee from David Ault and Jack Ward and everyone of us that listens as a Society member […]

Episode 451- Christmas Spirit

| December 22, 2015

David Farquhar and Voices in the Wind Productionsbrings us “The Spirit of Christmas” for our holiday week episode. Jack and David, together again banter. Be safe, be warm, be happy, and listen to great audio drama through the seasons! With a SPECIAL EXTRA seasons greetings from the First Society Member!  

Are You Ready?

| December 17, 2015

Thanks to audio connoisseur from Broken Sea Audio, Bill Hollweg, we were reminded recently of’s collection of High Adventure! Feeling like you need a little excitement in your life? Give High Adventure a try! High Adventure is sometimes billed “The Mutual Network’s answer to Escape!” In fact, the Mutual anthology premiered on March 1, […]

Audiobooks- with Class!

| December 16, 2015

Hot on the heels (or is that feels) of our Sonic Speaks interview with Steven Jay Cohen, we have another great link to share. Steven’s incredibly detailed: Audiobooks in the Classroom: A Field Guide!  I know this time around I’m going to be paying attention to this “finely tuned” wisdom as I get my students to […]

Episode 450- Shiny Brass

| December 15, 2015

David presents Battleground Productions latest exciting steampunk series for tonight`s feature BRASS! Right here, on the Sonic Society!

Serial Successes

| December 14, 2015

In the Guardian newspaper, Miranda Sawyer asks a very simple question: Why are Americans so much better at making podcasts than the British?  I for one think that Ms. Sawyer has the ideas backwards. She suggests in the article that you have to do massively produced shows to get them to be successful and that the British […]

When The Force Awoke

| December 14, 2015

John Madden was “making movies with the lights turned out” by releasing the incredible NPR Star Wars radio drama. With the help of Brian Daley, this never before tried extended series of the original trilogy was an instant sensation and starred Mark Hamill (who Madden proclaimed as a “natural” in radio drama) and Anthony Daniels of C-3P0 fame. […]

Sonic Speaks- 0205- Steven Jay Cohen

| December 13, 2015

The incredibly versatile and talented Steven Jay Cohen comes in to talk about audio production, Broken Sea, acting, and his new passion project Listen 2 a Book!