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Sonic Echo- 0126- Beyond Space and Time

| February 27, 2015

  Upon an unknown moon, Jack introduces new dimensions of science fiction with our final voyage into the unknown with Dimension-X and tonight’s features “The Martian Death March” and “Universe”.

Episode 417- Second Cleansing

| February 24, 2015

  Jack and David travel back to FinalRune Productions episode 2 of Fred Greenhalgh’s epic “The Cleansed” from season 2 and wraps up with a little Misfits Audio short “Frankenstein”!

Sonic Speaks- 0125- Gypsy Predilictions

| February 22, 2015

  Jack Ward sits down with Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard to talk about Gypsy Audio, audio development, the Audio Verse Awards and acting.

Sonic Echo- 0125- W

| February 20, 2015

  Jack and S0-S80 droid race in the Eon Sparrow to find new great old time radio with X-Minus One and tonight’s double features “Hallucinatory Orbit” and “C-Chute”.

The Air is Electric

| February 19, 2015

When Tim Heffernan of Dramapod fame contacted us to talk about his new exciting project- that being the remake of the website to a comprehensive collection of Audio Drama Feeds, albums, and shows hosted by The Dramapod we were thrilled! Imagine all the productions out there that still haven’t found an RSS Feed or a […]

Rounding the Post!

| February 19, 2015

As we round the final lap for NADSWRIM this year, it’s time to check in! How are you doing? Are you pacing yourself or will it be a race to the final finish line? Make sure you share with us on twitter or facebook as to what you’re doing! No matter your writing race, make […]

February Listening on Audible

| February 18, 2015

While you’re in the midst of your writing frenzy of NADSWRIM this month, take a moment and have a listen to the incredible free content coming from the Internet’s largest provider of audio at Further to Black History month in Canada, Audible is providing four new free audio drama every Wednesday. Sign up and […]

Episode 416- Heist of Avalon

| February 17, 2015

  Jack and David continue on our journey with It’s About Time Travel Agencyand “The Heist” as well as “Altered Avalon” Episode #1 by Strange Company. Special Bonus Audio Drama: “Blast from the Past”

Pass the Torch!

| February 16, 2015

The incredible Jerry Stearns has been a powerhouse in creating the modern experience of audio drama and supporting its meteoric growth for the last two decades. He retired last year from facilitating The Mark Time Awards. The new dedication of the awards are expanding to represent the growth in our medium. Make sure you add […]

Sonic Speaks- 0124- Politeness and Mannering

| February 15, 2015

  Novelist and audio drama author and raconteur, Paul Mannering sits down with Jack to talk about the beginnings of the Golden Age of Modern Audio Drama with Broken Sea Audio and all things creative.