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Happy Canada Day!

| June 30, 2014

Whoever you are, where ever you live, from all of us here at the Society a very happy Canada Day tomorrow! May you have a relaxing and joyful time with friends and family, and hear the siren’s call of audio drama playing late in the evening over the waters.

The Gig Cast

| June 28, 2014

With apologies to my friends Scott and JT who’s beloved Gigcast has alas podfaded into the distance… Fred Greenhalgh is looking for a few good men, and women, to post, share and work on their Gigs at Radio Drama Revival. How about it Society Members? Who’s up to create some of their dreams in the Audioverse?!

Mark Time Awards 2013

| June 24, 2014

This year’s Mark Time Award winners have been announced! Yes, it’s finally that time of year again, to announce the winners of the Mark Time Awards for Science Fiction Audio Theater, and the Ogle Awards for Fantasy/Horror Audio Theater. After seventeen years, still the ONLY awards given solely for audio theater, anywhere in the world. These are […]

Episode 386- The Once and Future King

| June 24, 2014

Pulling the sword from the stone and with a little bit of audio magic from The Table Round, episodes two and three, Jack and David escape the terrible clutches of the Tiger Prairie Dogs and find their way back home to the TORTIS!

Hyper-bernal Audio!

| June 18, 2014

  Mark Healy brings the exciting new audio project Hibernal to audiophile ears. Hibernal blends instrumental music with original sci-fi storylines. Have a listen to the freeshare track and get yourself the whole shebang! For just five dollars for the entire album (nine for the amazing album cover art and eight page notes), it’s almost […]

Episode 385- King of the Beasts

| June 17, 2014

Jack and David scramble up a hill to find a strange sword in the stone while pursued by the ferocious Tiger Prairie Dogs of the hills. Thank goodness for The Lost Tigers episode 2 and The Table Round episode 1!

Episode 389- Tame Me This Audio

| June 15, 2014

The last great Pulp-Pourri Theatre presented from Pete Lutz with the magnificent “Tame Me This Beast” and young Jack and David are at a loss how to transform back!

Mark(ing this particular) Time

| June 14, 2014

Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t often enter EVP shows for awards. But in the case of Alone in the Night I am so grateful for the amazing work that Michael Stokes put into the production of this Wavefront episode last year. Over the year, Michael and I went back and forth over every […]

Wordless Audio

| June 12, 2014

Well perhaps not wordless, but paralingual. Monique Boudreau from the unsinkable Aural Stage Studios has an incredible blog post about adding texture and depth to your audio drama through the inclusion of all the additional noises made in conversation. One of the great ways of avoiding the “talking heads” is to keep the communication consistently bidirectional […]

Episode 384- Tiger Tiger Sounding Bright

| June 10, 2014

Jack and David are on the road again; this time enjoying The Lost Tigers episode 1 from Adventureland Media, and some more Decorated Air Theatre with another great “This Thing of Ours” episode 8 thanks to the amazing Scott Spaulding!