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103- Justin Brown, Jack and Antonia Chat

| November 30, 2011

Jack and Antonia catch up with Atlantic Canada’s Premiere Radio Broadcaster for the Paranormal – Justin Brown from The Unified Field Radio show!

Episode 268- This Crazy Little Thing of Ours

| November 29, 2011

“This Thing of Ours” marathon from Decorated Air Theater and how sweet it is! Jack’s somewhere else again. Antonia Mannette shows up with a special message from “North of Reality” and John Bell provides that NoR promo we’ve all come to love.

Episode 267- A Meal of an Interview

| November 22, 2011

As Jack busily slaves at the Audio Sound Effect Warehouse, Professor Peter P. Picklepepper and his famous manservant take us on a trip through the Twilight Gallery and a piece from ZBS entitled “The Food Chain” as well as interview with Domien deGroot and Eline Hoskins from Audio Epics!

Protect the Freedom of the Internet!

| November 18, 2011

There have always been powers that have wanted to regulate communication and the free flow of ideas. Don’t let it happen now. Send a message and let your voice be heard. Keep the Internet out of the hands of those who do not understand it. With the adoption of this bill, you could see the […]

102- What the Bleep Did We Say?- In Two Parts

| November 16, 2011

Antonia and Jack look into the docu-drama “What the Bleep Do We Know?” with a great big two-parter show! North News with Mark Kilfoil from the Weird Show.

Episode 266- A Triple of Audiocity

| November 15, 2011

John Bell from The Batfry joins Jack again as the mysterious Attendant from the Audio Sound Effects Warehouse deep in the Mansion as this episode features The Emerald Arts- Episode 1, This Thing of Ours – Episode 1, and the Prologue from the Minister of Chance!  

Episode 265- Bolt of Inspiration!

| November 8, 2011

Jack and Jackabee get stuck in the 137th layer of Hell- Administrivia looking for a lightning bolt for this week’s episode “Sky People” from Lightning Bolt Theatre of the Mind with Tanja Milojevic and ZBS’s The Ghost of Ms. B.  s! Guest starring John Bell from Bell’s in the Battfry

Episode 264- Halloween Gilded Bronze

| November 1, 2011

Jack and Jackabee Cricket find themselves hiding out in the dangerous part of the Mansion as a maelevolent spirit threatens them. With tonight’s Feature “Mr. Bronze” and an exclusive interview with Scott Hickey from “The Grist Mill”.