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Wyrd Shutting its Doors…

| January 26, 2009

It’s always disappointing to see a new organization close its doors and here’s another. Wyrd Enterprises is shutting down by the end of January. Michael McAfee announced the closure on January 14th, and helmed the alliteratively titled “The Fantastic Fate of Frederick Farnsworth the Fifth”. Check out the show and give some last chance donations […]

As the Madness Turns…

| January 14, 2009

As reported by Derek Fetters in,¬† Canada’s premier horror magazine, Rue Morgue, gives mention to audio drama’s only Lovecraftian soap-opera, The Unspeakable and the Inhuman in their most recent issue #86 on page 10. Featured in a single paragraph in the “Roadkill from the Info Highway” section, Rue Morgue mentions¬† the U&I Myspace page […]

And then there’s Maud…

| January 12, 2009

Broken Sea Audio’s first series of the fantasy light-faired comedy “Maudelayne” wraps up. After 12 episodes and a whole lot of fun, series one comes to a close with the beginning of a two-parter which can only bring smiles to the faces of their fans knowing that a “Series 2” will not be too far […]

From Hit Audio Drama to Music CD!

| January 11, 2009

From the minds of Jon Baker and the other good folks at Dick Dynamo comes “Dick Dynamo, the 5th Dimensional Music Experience”. There are many types of modern audio drama companies out there. Many companies offer a variety of fair, and some precious few focus on one or two ideas to put all their efforts […]

A Colonial Year in Review

| January 2, 2009

Jerry Robbins from Colonial Radio Theatre rounds up the incredible output out of CRT in the year of 2008. Robbins has been doing audio drama with CRT for well over a decade, that’s before the Internet and certainly before the idea of RSS and Podcasting was even an inkling in the minds of technology gurus. […]